Our Dams

ABBY            Black / Tan / White            AKC / UKC

Abby Rose stands at 13".  What a beautiful beagle.  Abby is a very sociable, friendly beagle that loves to play with the pack.

ROSIE            Black / White / Tan            AKC / UKC

Rosie stands at about 13 1/2".  She is very sweet and loves to be loved.  Rosie is one of the first ones to greet me in the morning.

Goldy            Lemon/White            AKC /UKC
Goldy stands at about 13".  She LOVES to play- that is what her day is all about- along with a quick back scratch by anyone willing to give one.


EVA            Black / White / Tan              AKC  

 Woodlands Garden of Eva is the spitting image of elegance. She stands at 13 3/4" and loves to be loved. With the lines of Lanbur and Chardon- what more can you ask for...



SWEET SUGAR            Lemon/White            AKC and UKC

Sugar is a lemon and white beagle and stands at 13 1/2". Sugar is gentle and sweet. -Her name fits her just right: Woodlands Sweet Sugar. She was 4 champions of her 3 generation pedigree. Sugar is very well mannered and waits for me to pick her up and scratch her behind her ears.


LUCY            Black / White / Tan            UKC

Lucy is a beautiful beagle. She is low to the ground, sweet and loving- which in turn shows through in each and every pup. Lucy stands at 12 1/2" at the withers.


SOPHIE            Black / Tan / White           UKC

Sophie is a loving, sweet and gentle girl. She stands at 13 1/2". Sophie is very playful and loves to run, she always gets the beagle pack up and exercising- playing, running, chasing.


ELLIE            Black / White / Tan              UKC

Ellie is a gentle sweethart. Standing at 12 1/2" at the withers. Her temperament shows through in her pups, sweet, and gentle with beautiful eyes, houndy ears and shorter legs. Ellie is now retired.


HELLO DOLLY            Tri-Color            UKC

Dolly is a merry hound, standing at 13 1/2". She is very friendly and loves to get the pack playing. Her markings are as fun and as beautiful as her spirit.        

                     Miss Sis           Tri-Color             AKC
Sis (little miss sis) is a beautiful sociable beagle- LOVES to get the pack up and playing, yet when it's time to lay down and soak in the sun- she's the first in line. Sis stands at 13 1/2".

                                Darla           Tri-Color            UKC
Darla is a lovely beagle that stands at 13". She loves to be picked up and cuddled. She is very gentle and loves to be part of the pack.

HEARTLEY            Black / White/Tan            AKC / UKC

Heartley stands at 13 1/2 ".  Her name says it all- as she displays a heart on her side.  Heartley is very sweet and loves to soak in the sunshine as you can see in this picture above.

HAZEL            Black / Tan / White            UKC

Hazel stands at about 13 1/2".  Hazel is such a very friendly, gentle beagle. She loves to be picked up and loves her ears rubbed and who wouldn't love to with those long ears.

BELLA            Black / Tan / White            UKC

Bella stands at 13".  Bella is such a good beagle.   She is always happy to see you and that tail is always wagging.  She is such a wonderful package from head to paw.

MAGGIE           Black / Tan / White            AKC / UKC

Maggie stands at about 13 1/2".  She loves to play and be apart of the pack.  Maggie has a very nice head, long beautiful ears along with that terrific nose!