Adoption Information


        So you have decided to add a beagle to your life..... And you are wondering how to adopt a beagle from Woodland Beagles......

        First contact me with any questions you may have and to see what is available or up coming.
If you should want first pick of a litter- You will have to be the first one to place a $100.00 non-refundable deposit down. Once the litter is born we will be in contact and I will ask you to make your choice around 4 weeks (or sooner) - so the other new beagle owners can make their choice.

Deposits can be mailed to:
Woodland Beagles
Stacy Stibal
19062 Babcock ave
Lester Prairie, MN  55354

Deposits (which can be in check form) do go towards your total purchase of your beagle.  When you pick up your new beagle pupppy you will need to bring the rest in cash (no checks at that time- cash only!)- We do have an ATM 1 mile from our home and we will direct you to it- if you should come with a check.  (one bad egg spoils the whole bunch- sorry for the inconvenience.)

Puppies are ready to go home after 8 weeks or later.- We will keep in contact and talk about pick up arrangements while the puppy is growing.  And please contact with any questions you may have.

Beagles are the worlds BEST Dog!
 They are a family dog,
and fun!

Enjoy every minute!

Stacy and Jerry Stibal
Woodland Beagles