Past Puppies

Today is Dori’s 2nd birthday so I wanted to send you quick update. Dori is such a perfect fit for our family. She and Hayden (5) have such a special bond. I could have sent you two-dozen pictures just of them snuggling or playing together. Hayden also tells everyone that Dori isn’t her pet, she’s her sister. She even has a stuffed animal beagle that she carries with her everywhere we can’t bring Dori, because she misses her.
Dori is a very happy and social little lady. At the dog park, she enjoys the company of new humans more than the other dogs. She’s a neighbourhood favourite of kids and grown-ups alike. All of neighbours were so surprised at how quiet she is. We still have yet to hear her bay! She loves taking naps in the sun stretched out on her back or on her “throne” on our living room. She’s also excellent help in the kitchen, always making sure to keep the floor nice and clean for us (wink).
Thank you again for the wonderful addition to our family! Two years have gone by so quickly.
Take care!
-Lindsey, Ashton, Hayden and Dori

We are so looking forward to another puppy from Woodland Beagles. We got Beagle from you last year, and she is just friendly, sweet, loving and doesn’t bark or howl (just an added bonus) We can’t wait to add another Beagle. This will make 3 we have and I’m so excited for May to come so I can bring her home. Woodland Beagles has an awesome breeding program. I like we can visit and see how you care for the dogs, rather than just have a dog shipped to us knowing nothing about the sire and dam, and the owners. You guys are awesome!

Marta turned 2 years old last month. She is the daughter of Ruby and Harley. In eleven days, we celebrate Got ya Day! One of her amazing talents is her jumping. She jumps so high!!! She is happy, healthy, and very much loved!
Thank you for being such wonderful and caring breeders!

Hello! It’s been a little over a year since we got our puppy from you. We just wanted to update you on how he is doing. We named him Odin. He is completely potty trained and can even do a couple tricks. We moved in July to a bigger house with a fenced in yard and he LOVES it. It’s perfect for him to run around in with all of his energy, which he has plenty of! We had a baby last March and him and Odin are best buds, they play and cuddle, it’s the cutest. We all want to thank you for letting him into our lives.

Here’s an update on Tipper (our little runt) who is 10 months old today! We absolutely love having him in our life. He got to be about 11 inches tall and about 18 pounds. Tipper loves going for walks on the beach of Lake Superior, as well as going and visiting his friends at the local dog park. He is very loving to everyone he meets and is the best snuggler. He loves laying in the sun and baths as well! Although he’s mischievous, he’s perfect for us:) thank you for being so wonderful in the adoption process, we are very grateful!
Katie, Shin, and Tipper

I am happy to say Kuno my 20-month-old dog from woodland beagles earned the CGC (canine good citizen) certificate last week. Yay!! I started training him to do basics like come sit stay (esp come!!) almost as soon as he came to my home. Positive reinforcement and tiny pieces of treats were excellent for his training. I enrolled him in classes and I can’t stress enough how a good class/teacher helps him and me to do better. He has learned tricks as well such as bowing (his favorite) putting things in a wagon and pulling the wagon and other fun tricks. Kuno has matured into a smart affectionate boy who loves to snuggle, play and do tricks.
He is a joy and I will continue with his training he loves it so much.

Gunnar turned 1 yesterday!! I can’t believe how fast time went by! He is growing up to be quit a handsome boy.
He loves to take long walks and play with any dog he can find!! He LOVES to play with other doggies, even if they are 3 times his size!
He is also a great snuggler, perfect for cold winter nights 🙂
I attached some pictures, hopefully, there is no problem opening them.

Here are some pictures of Miss Sawyer that I took today. She is just a doll! Truly a joy. She just loves to sun bathe- as you can see, and even though she’ll eat anything and everything her favorite treat is yogurt! She likes to play tag, although she’s rarely ‘it’ and napping is an everyday event- even though she doesn’t need beauty sleep because as you can see she’s a beauty! Sawyer loves bath time and is pretty content lying on our laps in the kitchen floor. We can’t imagine our lives without her! She likes going on walks and is anxiously awaiting spring.
Looking forward to seeing pics of Rascals latest litter- that boy makes gorgeous pups!
Denisse and family

Hope you are all well! As Lucy’s birthday is fast approaching we thought we’d send you a little update. She is just a wonderful little dog and we’re so happy she joined our family!! She’s so sweet and cuddly and can also be rough and tumble, which is great since she lives with two little boys. It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year! We followed your advice and she potty trained so quickly even though it was winter; I still can’t believe how well it went! She did great with her spay and passed her puppy obedience class. She’s even given up eating our shoes and has decided her toys really are the best 🙂 We send her to a fun doggy daycare a few days a week when I work and she’s made lots of big and little friends. Usually on her daycare days she barely makes it into her bed before she’s asleep.
I attached a few pictures. You’ll see she’s sleeping in most of them because it’s really hard to catch a picture of her when she’s on the move! She and the boys keep each other busy! She also really loves a good nap in the sun 🙂
Thanks again for such a great dog! She may just convince us to see you again, maybe next year, for a friend!
Beth, Jeff, Henry and Oliver

Here’s Charlie! He is so lovable, loves to snuggle right up to you. He is so happy to see everyone. He always howls when I get home. He loves being outside & running after the birds he goes nuts if it’s nice out and he’s inside. I get so many compliments on how good he is! There’s no doubt that I won’t get another one. I am in love! Thank you for having such a wonderful breeding facility!

Hi Stacy, we just wanted to send you a few pictures of Ruby. It’s hard to believe she’s already a year old! She has been a wonderful dog and is a great addition to our family.
She enjoys taking walks on our trails, playing in the snow, and taking an occasional four-wheeler ride.
We are so glad that we found Ruby at Woodland Beagles.
The “L” Family

Hi Stacy! We just wanted to give you an update on Mojo. He is a year and a half now, weighing about 20 pounds and is 12 inches tall. He is such a loveable dog and wants to be around people all of the time. He is bundles of fun and full of energy, usually wanting to play with old socks and toys. That energy comes in handy playing with his “older brother” Riley (our yellow lab). They love chasing each other around our yard. We are so happy he is a part of our family!
Auston and Brittany

Scout says hi! He is doing great. Loves his occasional visits to the dog sitter to see his dog friends. He is the best dog-so loving, sweet, loves everyone and is playful.
So glad we chose him.

We live out in the country, where the no-maintenance section roads are ours to roam. Twice a day, Willa gets a pretty good run, and she does normal dog things like trying to catch flying ducks or rolling in dead things–even though we discourage that! She’s up-to-date on all her shots and recovered from being spayed in good order. She loves to fetch her frisbee and she’s learning how to sit. We give her bones now and then, but sometimes she is frantic to bury them, so now there are at least two tucked among a pile of pillows in our reading room. She is mostly an indoor dog, but she does love our walks & runs outside, too.
We love our Willa.

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how Homer is doing. He’s Great!! We love our little Homer. He is healthy, calm, gentle and the most loving dog we could ask for. He loves our grandkids and they love him. Our granddaughter will be two soon and she thinks he is the best. When she comes to visit she gives him every toy he owns and he thanks her with a kiss and she giggles every time. It is very cute. I take a peek at your website now and then and the puppies are all beautiful. We are very happy we found you and grateful for such a wonderful addition to our family.

Woodland Beagles is awesome! We are so happy with Cash in every way. He is adorable, loving, fun, and fit perfectly into our doggy family! I was so impressed with how quickly we were able to housebreak him, due to the great care he got from Stacy before we picked him up. Stacy was so helpful throughout the entire process. I recommend Woodland Beagles to anyone looking for a beagle!

Lizzie has done so great!! She is the sweetest puppy! Her favorite activities are sleeping on my lap and playing with my little brother. She loves playing with the neighbors golden retriever who is at least 4 times bigger than her! Lizzie has changed my life in such a positive way and I can no longer imagine life without her. I am so thankful that we found you and her. I included some pictures,

I just wanted to send you an updated photo of DJay ☺
He is officially 6 months old and we are absolutely in love with him. Big sister Heidi is teaching him dog etiquette and he adores her.
He’s happy, healthy and amazingly smart. He thinks he’s very sneaky but if we are ever missing anything we just check his favorite dog bed/stash zone and it’s usually there.
I am so happy to have him as part of my family so thanks again!!

Just wanted to give you a little update on Bagel. She is doing great!
She just graduated from puppy class 🙂 She loves other dogs and kids.
She is very playful and a lot of fun. She gets into everything, but hey she has a beagle nose! haha. We love her lots and are so lucky to have her.
Jessie and Kyle

I just wanted to give you an update on how Buster is, and of course, send you some pictures. Buster is the sweetest, most playful and energetic puppy ever. He gets along with all the other animals in the house, and he loves every person he meets. However, if you don’t keep a close eye on him he’ll grab something off the coffee table (like a cell phone) haha. When he’s sleeping he loves to cuddle up next to you. I’m just so happy that I found Woodland Beagles, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have Buster today. And now I can’t picture my life without him! Enjoy the Pictures!

Hi Stacy, we are doing great! Thanks for keeping in touch. Kato and Zoe are doing good. We have been taking them to the dog park pretty often; get along well with the other dogs. They both are very gentle with Kayla, are building a good bond with her. Both are great additions to the family!
Hope you enjoy the pictures, Thanks again for checking up on us!
Chris & Katie

Leo is absolutely perfect! He is loveable, stubborn, sweet but most of all he is HEALTHY! I cannot tell you how different it is to have a dog that is healthy. He is everything I could have ever imagined he would be and so much more.
After my terrible and heartbreaking experience with my previous puppy, getting my dog from a breeder that clearly cares and takes such great pride in their facility has restored my faith in people that breed for the love of their animals, not for money. I cannot even express the joy Leo has brought to my life and knowing that he will be with me for a very long time makes me all the more happy.
I cannot thank you enough for the care and compassion you showed me through the ENTIRE process and the perfect puppy I have to spend so much of my time with.
I have attached a few photos. I had some professionally done, as well as a few I have taken myself, feel free to use any of them for your website.
Thank you again,

This is a recent picture of our Mirna ” Woodland Beagles is the best. From the time we contacted them, to the time we picked up our “baby”, Stacy kept us informed of how she was doing. The pictures on the website of our pup as she grew were wonderful. We looked forward to them each and every week. When we went to pick up our Mirna, we were welcomed with a smile. We were able to see the kennel and meet Mirna’s mom. I would recommend Woodland Kennels if you are looking to make a Beagle addition to your family. Mirna is a wonderful dog with a great disposition; she gets along well with her sister Lijepa and other doggy friends. We are so grateful that we found Woodland Beagles. The Tesdahl family

I just wanted to tell you how well Calvin is doing. He is a year old now and is a great dog. He still has a very unfortunate fondness for my daughter’s toys and everyone’s shoes, but otherwise is a very well behaved, playful, adorable puppy. He was great companion during my husband’s long deployment. He loves everyone and every dog that he meets. He is taking agility classes right now and is doing great, even though it is not a typical beagle event. He even can work off leash without getting distracted by his nose, which I am especially proud of him for. His favorite things to do are to go jogging with me, steal my daughter’s toys, and snuggle on the couch.
I am including a picture of Calvin. He is absolutely the best beagle ever and we are so happy to have him.

I feel that I was lucky that day that I found the Woodland Beagles website, because if I hadn’t, we would not have Thor today.
To receive unquestionable love is a daily bonus that my husband and I truly cherish.
Rocky and Ray

Winslow has been such a great addition to our family. He brings so much joy to everyone he meets. He is a fun loving and mild-mannered puppy. He is also very sneaky, if you aren’t careful when you get up, he will take your spot on the couch and fall right to sleep before you get back. He loves to cuddle up next to us and sleep.
We had a wonderful experience with Woodland Beagles. Stacy was so nice and helpful. We were emailed frequently right after Winslow was born, to tell us how he was doing and to schedule a visit to come meet him. When we came to pick him up he was all ready and waiting for us outside. Stacy emailed us the next day to find out how our first night with him was. It was a wonderful feeling to know that our puppy was still being thought of and cared about.
Robert and Allison

Smokey has been a great addition to our family. He is full of energy and keeps us on our toes. After having a crazy little beagle running around for 7 months, I can say with certainty that I will always be a beagle owner. Additionally, I have been incredibly pleased with the health and personality of my dog I got from Woodland Beagles. I would recommend their kennel to anyone that wants to purchase a beagle. I loved the pictures they posted on the website prior to picking up the dog. They were flexible with my pickup date, which was very helpful. On the day of pickup, they exceeded my expectations. I was quite nervous about bringing a dog home, as I had not owned a dog previously. They answered all of my questions and made the transitions go as smooth as possible. I will absolutely get my next beagle from Woodland Beagles.

We couldn’t resist the beagle cuteness on Woodland’s website and brought home not one, but two, wonderful beagles. They are a brother and sister, Nico and Cleo, and we absolutely love them!! They add a lot of love, joy, and adventure to our household. Nico is a very ‘regal beagle’ with a mild, but curious disposition. Cleo is a sweet little girl – except when snarling at her brother 🙂 They both love to cuddle with us on the couch – Nico stretched out as far as he can and Cleo curled up in a little ball. They are both healthy and happy and we are thankful for finding a great breeder like Woodland Beagles!
Lisa and Rob

We are so happy we found Woodland Beagles! As first time pet owners we had lots (and lots) of questions! Stacy took the time to answer all of our questions. When the pups were born we looked forward to the weekly pictures and updates. We loved that we were able to come meet the puppies and choose which one was right for our family. What a tough decision that was as they were all so adorable! It was great meeting Stella’s mom and dad too! We were very impressed with the cleanliness of the kennels and how well behaved all the beagles were. To accommodate our schedule, Stacy kept Stella two extra weeks so the timing was right for our family to bring her home! From the beginning to the end our experience with Woodland Beagles was fantastic! Stella is a wonderful dog, she is great with our girls and we can’t imagine life without her!
Thank you!
The Sellner Family

Just wanted to send you an email and tell you how much we love Paisley! Buying from you was such a great experience. Our first beagle was purchased from a breeder that was a nightmare! I did everything wrong that you read on how to purchase a good dog. I met him at a SuperAmerica gas station; I never saw where she lived. From the day I got her she was sick. It started out she had worms and then resulted in a emergency vet visit that led to the University of Minnesota stay, to the tune of $2000. When I look at your website, I see that the puppies are reserved so far in advance! I still can’t believe that I got her! I believe that she was meant to be mine. And I thank god every day for the joy she brings us! You are a wonderful breeder and I thank you! Keep up the amazing work, you are touching many families with the awesome beagles that you breed!
Thank you – Pam

Picking up Toto from Stacy was like a walk in the park. We had numerous updates from her regarding our puppy right up to the time we picked him up. Stacy had done an excellent job with his vaccinations as well which was even appreciated by our vet.
Toto has brought a lot of color to our lives. His personality shines through at home as well as the dog park, which makes for some interesting days. Everyone dotes on him. Needless to say, he is a snuggler as promised by Stacy. He is equally handsome and his markings are appreciated by discerning eyes. All credit for this goes to Stacy who has done a terrific job in breeding excellent beagles at her place. I cannot say even once, that I regret getting a beagle, let alone one like Toto.
Ani and Aaina

Hi Stacy! It has been so long since I emailed you! Duke is doing so well! Everyone just loves him. He is so well mannered and a perfect fit for our family! Don’t know what we ever did without him. He sure is smart. Duke loves playing with my husband’s parents golden retriever. They are buddies, as are him and my son max. It’s so cool that they can grow up together. Hope all is well with you, happy New Year!
Andrea, Ben and Max

Our little Otto is getting so grown up! As I am sure you know he turned 1 year old on Monday. We made him a cake and had a little party for him. Thought you might like to see a pic. I am hoping I can find one that will show him and Leighton together.
Thanks so much,
Leighton and his family