Puppy Preparation

So you have placed your reservation and are now expecting a new little beagle addition to your family, and your mind is filled with questions. I have come up with a few of the frequent questions so hopefully, this page will help. If you should still have any questions after reading this – don’t hesitate to contact me.

What you will be sent home with:

Puppies will go home with their vaccination records (2 sets of vaccinations and 4+ wormings), a small bag of puppy food, a toy with mom’s scent, a slip lead (collar/leash combo), a finger toothbrush and a packet of toothpaste, limited registration papers, because I always recommend you spay or neuter, and a puppy packet filled with lots of helpful information and more.

What you should do or get:

First, start with the yard. Fenced in? GREAT! Make sure to walk around and check for any holes, puppies need the safety of a good fence. If not, I recommend a tie out leash. One long enough for your beagle to run about and do their business and also to run and stretch their legs.


Your pup will be small when he or she gets home, around 6-7 pounds give or take. So I recommend the smallest collar you can find, x-small (or sometimes called “Toy Breed”). The pup will grow and a new collar or harness will be needed, but when is it not fun shopping for your beagle? 🙂 Also, do not forget about your pup’s name tag or id to ensure that if lost he or she can be returned to you. Please talk to your vet about microchipping.


Here is the puppy food I feed: NutriSource Small to Medium Puppy Food. Here is where you can read up on it, and here is where you can type in your zip code to see your local retailer for NutriSource. Once you see stores near you – I ask you to call them just to make sure they carry the “Puppy Exclusive Chicken and Brown Rice formula – for small to medium sized puppies”. I will send you home with a small bag to get you started, if you choose to change food to a brand you can find locally, I recommend that you do a 50/50 ratio for a couple days then switch completely over to your new brand.


Remember your little pup will grow by leaps and bounds, be sure to enjoy every minute. With that said, a medium size crate will be the perfect size for your growing beagle. At first, it may look a little large, some crates come with dividers – make sure to make it small enough for sleeping and turning around – that is all the room they need. Once they grow you can then remove the divider. This is not only their sleeping place, but a place for safety and comfort.

You can try a small doggie bed inside or a comfortable old towel or blanket. However, check for any chewing daily. If any of these products look like he or she has been nibbling on them, TAKE THEM OUT.


Find a puppy shampoo, this can be used for his or her first year of baths. Remember not to over-bathe your pup. Do this only when needed, otherwise over bathing can cause dandruff and dry skin.
Brushing can be done weekly (or whenever he or she is curled up on your lap). This time is also a good time for you to play with those ears and check them for wax, discharge, or odors. Cleaning the ears should then be done. Your local discount store or pet products place sells: ear pads – these can be used to gently wipe out the ears. There is also an ear solution you can place in the ears, gently massage, and then the beagle will shake their head to expel. A paper towel is then used to wipe the ear clean and dry.


Good chew toys such as Nylabones and Kongs are highly recommended. Puppies love toys with squeakers, however, you will need to check these toys daily, if there are any signs of wear and tear, you need to remove. Good chew toys are great for their teeth!

Vet Check:

If you have a vet already, WONDERFUL! Let them know you have a puppy coming and set up an appointment for his or her’s first checkup. If you are new to this and do not have a vet yet, talk with family, friends, or neighbors for any recommendations of a good veterinarian. Make sure to call and make your vet appointment within 3 days of pickup. Remind them you will be coming with a vaccination schedule that the puppy has already received.

What you will need when you pickup:

~ A crate, unless someone will be assisting you and they can hold the puppy on the way home
~ Towels
~ Baby wipes for messes
~ *I will send you home with a slip lead, but if you would like to bring your own collar and leash, that is fine. If you happen to live far away (over 2 hours), this will be needed for potty breaks.

~ The remainder of the payment in cash

Remember, if you should have any questions, just ask!