ABBY     Black/Tan/White     AKC

Abby Rose stands at 13″. What a beautiful beagle. Abby is a very sociable, friendly beagle that loves to play with the pack.



EVA     Black/Tan/White     AKC

Woodlands Garden of Eva is the spitting image of elegance. She too stands at 13 3/4″ and loves to be loved. With the lines of Lanbur and Chardon- what more can you ask for…



SWEET SUGAR     Lemon/White     AKC and UKC

Sugar is a lemon and white beagle and stands at 13 1/2″. Sugar is gentle and sweet. -Her name fits her just right: Woodlands Sweet Sugar. She was 4 champions of her 3 generation pedigree. Sugar is very well mannered and waits for me to pick her up and scratch her behind her ears.



LUCY     Blake/White/Tan     UKC

Lucy is a beautiful beagle. She is low to the ground, sweet and loving- which in turn shows through in each and every pup. Lucy stands at 12 1/2″ at the withers.



SOPHIE     Black/Tan/White     UKC

Sophie is a loving, sweet and gentle girl. She stands at 13 1/2″. Sophie is very playful and loves to run, she always gets the beagle pack up and exercising- playing, running, chasing.



ELLIE     Black/White/Tan     UKC

Ellie is a gentle sweethart. Standing at 12 1/2″ at the withers. Her temperament shows through in her pups, sweet, and gentle with beautiful eyes, houndy ears and shorter legs.- Now Retired.



HELLO DOLLY     Tri-Color     UKC

Dolly is a merry hound, standing at 13 1/2″. She is very friendly and loves to get the pack playing. Her markings are as fun and as beautiful as her spirit.



MISS SIS     Tri-Color     AKC/UKC

Sis (little miss sis) is a beautiful sociable beagle- LOVES to get the pack up and playing, yet when it’s time to lay down and soak in the sun- she’s the first in line. Sis stands at 13 1/2″.



Goldy     Lemon/White     AKC/UKC

Goldy is a snuggler.  While all the others are out sniffing the ground- Goldy knows that’s her perfect opportunity to stay back with me for scratches.  She is smart and beautiful.  Goldy stands at 13 “.




Bella     BLK/TN/WH     UKC

Bella has the sweetest eyes and loves to soak in the sunshine.  She loves to play but also very content just walking right along side you.  She is lovely.   Bella stands at 13 1/2″.




Heartley     Tri-Color     AKC/UKC

Heartley got her name from the heart placed just perfectly on her side.  Her name fits her – she’s gotta lot of love to give, we are lucky to have her- she is beautiful.   Heartley stands at about 13 1/2″.



Hazel     Tri-Color     UKC

Hazel is such a sweetheart and stands at about 13 1/2″.  Hazel loves to play with the pack and soak in the sunshine.  She is a great mother- as anyone whom has a Hazel puppy can agree they are beautiful puppies with great temperaments.




Maggie     Tri-Color     AKC/UKC

Maggie loves to get out and play with the pack.  A merry little beagle for sure.  She has those long houndy ears like her mama.   Maggie stands at about 13 1/2″.